The sudden emergence and threat of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and the way we do business. In some cases, organizations have been able to shift online, but many others have had to close their doors. No matter where companies fall on this spectrum, there are safe and meaningful ways to plan for the next phase as we strive to get back to business. As the health crisis becomes more manageable and the economy slowly reopens, it will be critical to stay connected to the rapidly shifting needs of your customersemployees and partners. By keeping a pulse on changing sentiment and providing open lines of communications, brands will be able to take quick action to resolve issues that will ultimately build confidence. Our world has changed in countless ways in a matter of months, and this next chapter is an evolving process…

In order to navigate effectively, leaders must focus on and understand what matters to their business - and this means listening to what matters to their customers, employees and partners. The discipline of Experience Management enables organizations to continuously learn (how people are thinking and feeling), propagate insights (to the right people in the right form at the right time), and rapidly adapt (to an increasing flow of actionable insights). In our pre-COVID lives, these capabilities were important given the consistent rise in customer expectations, more dynamic brand cycles and shorter product life cycles. Today, these capabilities have become essential as customer, employee, partner, and business needs are changing with speed and frequency.

The current climate demands a shift in focus - a move from trending to sensing so as to understand what is happening in the market, to understand the human on the other side of the data point. This change requires a shift in resource and attention away from tracking long-term trends towards a pro-active hunt for important changes that are actively underway. We have identified three core attributes of sensing that can serve as a guide:

  1. Less asking, more listening
  2. Smaller, more ongoing insights
  3. Multi-door, not single channel feedback

With this in mind, Qualtrics has curated a set of flexible CX solutions to help you get connected with your customers, and take the actions you need to get back to business in a mindful way.

  • Frontline Connect - When it’s tough to get insights into your customer experience from your customers, go to the people who know them best - your frontline. Quickly get a sense of what’s going on with customers and what are the most important actions to take to retain them. As the situation evolves, keep a pulse on how customers are responding so you know what to do next.
  • Customer Confidence Pulse - These are uncertain times for your customers, and building confidence and trust with them is more important than ever. Get continuous feedback on what they need from you, and take rapid action to meet customers’ evolving preferences.
  • Digital Open Door - Keeping communication lines open with your customers is more critical than ever. And the COVID crisis has accelerated the need for digital transformation, making your digital channels that much more essential. Quickly stand up a digital open door to ensure customers always have an open, two-way line of communication.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the globe. While it continues to bring significant hardship and isolation to the lives of many, it also provides the chance to own your customer experience with a renewed sense of purpose and a new means of continuity. Today, perhaps more than ever before, customers and employees have the desire to be heard, and to know that their voices matter.

Here we have an opportunity to create impactful interactions and experiences if we can learn to listen at meaningful moments, assess each situation within context, and act with empathy and compassion. All with the patient acknowledgment that the way we live and operate will continue to evolve as we safely and conscientiously ‘get back to business’.

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