The happiest people in your office may be looking to leave, so claims a recent Mercer poll, reported by Inc.

According to Mercer, 3,000 American workers surveyed the findings showed a large portion of the workforce are seriously considering leaving their current job, even if they claim to be satisfied.

The reported numbers are staggering, 45 percent of workers, who identified themselves as very satisfied with their organization, and 42 percent of those who said they were very satisfied with their job are seriously considering departure.

The contemplation to move jobs was particularly high among high-level managers and younger employees 63 percent of top managers are looking, while 44 percent of millennials are considering making the transition, the study said.

Despite Mercer offering eye-opening information for managers, it offered no solution in conjunction with the data.

Rymax believes in loyalty, and appealing to varying employees through proper engagement and acknowledgment.

Today’s employees want to be rewarded and recognized frequently. It is possible employees have wandering eyes because they feel underappreciated.

Any type of recognition should be executed close to the desired accomplishment or behavior. The level and effort it took to complete a task determines whether recognition should be verbal praise or social recognition, accompanied by a tangible reward, which should be held as a higher form of gratitude than verbal acknowledgment.

As for delivery, understanding that not everyone is the same seems fundamental, but is often overlooked. Consider rewarding the employee that went the extra mile with a wallet or pair of sunglasses from Salvatore Ferragamo or the dependable products from Thule for the active employee or a watch from Fossil—items that highlight employees as individuals.

To properly motivate your employees, it is important to comprehend their likes and dislikes and reward at the appropriate moment. Employees will become loyal and will become less likely to browse for a new job when they feel appreciated and rewarded for their work.

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