Huuuge is a next generation social casino network  built upon a promise to provide the most thrilling entertainment experience for casual gamers who love playing free-to-play casino games. How does Huuuge think about keeping these gamers engaged and what’s next for their mobile strategy? To find out, we sat down with Sebastian Szczygiel, Huuuge’s COO and President.

Tell us about Huuuge Games.

Huuuge is a fast-growing social casino start-up that is on a mission to make our category — mobile social casino — more exciting, player experience-wise.

Before we started Huuuge we were looking at the top-grossing charts and had a lot of discussions with our industry friends, people at Google and Apple, and most of them said that “casino games are not interesting, because they are not exciting.” We felt we could make a difference by focusing on product innovation, do things that have not yet been done in this category. Make games that are truly social and cool.

So, we started Huuuge. We are about a year old and we are off to a great start. The Huuuge team is now 80+ people strong. We have a lot of work ahead of us for sure, but so far our plan has worked great. Better than we initially dared to expect. Glad we’ve had ‘lady luck’ backing us.

How are casino games different from other games when it comes to loyalty?

Social casino games have a higher retention rate than most other game genres. As a result, users in social casino games tend to spend more time collecting mPOINTS rewards.

Do you notice a difference in loyalty among the people who play various games?

Not really. Blackjack players are as loyal as slots players, but there are just more slots players, especially in North America.

Who is your biggest demographic audience?

The US represents currently over 50% of our DAU. We definitely would like also to use loyalty programs in other tier-1 English-speaking countries as well as in Western Europe. So far our focus has been much on tier-1 English-speaking countries, but starting in Q2 we’ll be gradually increasing our activities on new markets. A truly global mobile social casino is what we are aiming for.

How do you make the most of the mPOINTS program?

For us, the most important thing was to make the mPOINTS program a natural feature of our games. We spent lots of time creating the custom visual implementation of the alerts.

What kinds of things do you measure to see if you’re being successful

The most important factors for us to observe when working with mPOINTS are: The amount of positive user feedback, increase in retention rates, and additional revenue. We don’t care about the revenue if the other two factors aren’t satisfactory for us.

What have been the results?

We’ve seen increased retention in all of our games. In Q4 we saw the highest increase in retention and revenue so far. The results were absolutely outstanding!

What advice would you give to game developers who are thinking about adding a loyalty program to their app?

Design the UI and UX carefully when integrating the loyalty program. This initial development investment will pay off in long term.

What is the next frontier for Huuuge Games?

Again, our job is to make the social casino category exciting. The strategic initiatives we were already working on when we started Huuuge will soon come to fruition. When we get these strategic initiatives out and our key new product release of 2015 hits the market later in Q2, it will be the start of our next frontier. If things go as planned, Huuuge will make a very visible dent, at least on the social casino universe.

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