What is pride? How do you know someone has it?

For many pride is a sort of a feeling.  A state of mind.  An undefined emotion that might be identified by a smile or glistening eyes.  With those vague definitions, no wonder most of the corporate world ignore the concept - It is too touchy feely and pie-in-the-sky to apply to a KPI-driven organization. 

When you look deeper, however, you will discover that pride is far more crucial to the future or any organization’s success.  And therefore the art of pride needs to be studied and implemented more rigorously for organizations to be ready for the future.

Pride is an emotion with an actionable consequences.  Proud employees thrive by taking initiative and sharing their passion with colleagues and customers they spread positive productivity and commitment to excellence.  Employees who are not proud are sticking to predefined processes and ignore opportunities that can be crucial to the organization’s future success.  Lack of pride is always equated to lack of caring and investment in the work.

Look around you.  Pay attention to your employee’s discussions and choice of words when it comes to the organization, its mission and its leaders.  Would those words inspire you to follow? Rally you to join a movement? Or would they plant doubts in your mind about doing business with the company?

What do they say in social media about their work? Are they proud of the impact they make? Do they treat work as a necessary evil? Do they even mention it at all?

The answer to these questions will illustrate to you the real state of pride among your employees.  Do not send the question in a survey and expect a real answer.  Follow their actions and their choice of words and you will obtain a pretty accurate image of the state of pride.  And if they are not proud, lower your expectations, employees without pride do not inspire customers, act as leaders, take risks, think creatively or collaborate with others.  Employees that are not proud are mainly there to survive and pay the bills until they win the lottery or a better offer comes around.

Often you hire proud employees but in the process of working for you and engaging with other employees they become less and less proud until they lose pride altogether.  No matter how their pride was lost, the impact is the same, lower productivity, lower customer commitment, lesser results.

Pride is no longer a choice to pursue or not.  Companies seeing to be ready for the future, need to nurture the employees pride as an essential element of everything they do. 
Lior Arussy is the president of Strativity Group, a global experience design, and transformation firm. Follow Lior @LiorStrativity

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