Sebastian McClintock, Director of Customer Experience from Delivery Hero shares how customer insights are driving real-time shifts to business strategy during the current pandemic and setting the company up for the “new normal.”

Delivery Hero, an online food delivery service that partners with more than 500,000 restaurants in over 40 countries, is facing the challenges of a global pandemic with a unique, digital approach.

Sebastian was joined by Clay Warren, Head of Digital CX at Qualtrics.

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What actions has Delivery Hero taken in response to the current crisis?

“We launched a program to support our riders, providing face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers, but also working to make sure the customer feels safe because our research tells us that customers want things like contactless deliveries.”

How are you keeping a pulse on customers during this time?

“As well as our recurrent customer surveys, we’ve started to include COVID-19 surveys to understand customer needs, and what they’re afraid of. We also survey riders and restaurants - we call it the magic triangle because the three experiences are dependent on each other.

Across all the countries we operate in, we’re getting 100,000 responses a week and we can really dig deep into the topic to understand what’s going on with the customer.”

How are you collecting that feedback?

It very much depends on the country. In Asia and the Middle East, everyone uses their phones, so we use push notifications — if we send an email nobody will respond. In Europe, and some South American countries we see that customers prefer to use email so we gather feedback that way — we need to be flexible based on the channel customers prefer.

Is this the new normal? How should we react going forward?

“We’re seeing a number of things that I think will stay after COVID-19. Like we’ve seen a shift from cash payments to card payments and that’s something we’re set up for.

I think generally, this has exposed people to online ordering and we have a lot of new customers that I don’t see rushing straight back to brick and mortar stores.”

What advantages does Delivery Hero have going forward being a digital-first brand?

A big advantage for us is we can scale everything we do — so if we try an innovation or a new feature in one market, we can scale that globally pretty quickly.

Speed, scale, and targeting are all critical for us — so we talk to customers all the time about these things, because it’s our job on the CX team to push that with management and have the processes in place to make sure we deliver that for our customers.”

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