“Today’s mobile devices including tablets are rapidly becoming our generation’s most ubiquitous technologies,” states Michael Hemsey, President of Kobie Marketing, in a recent Luxury Daily article, “Loyalty Programs Must Go Mobile“.

“Just as smartphone technology has become embedded in nearly all aspects of consumers and marketers lives, so too must loyalty programs go mobile.”

While this piece does start with a primer on the importance of mobile as a communication channel (26 percent of business executives admit to sleeping with their phones, Smartphone adoption rates are now hovering around 50 percent of the populations in at least 13 major countries),  the article doesn’t simply present reasons why mobile is important.  Instead, what makes this a must-read for loyalty marketers is its review of why, in order to succeed, it is necessary to not only embrace mobile but effectively merge loyalty programs with mobile initiatives.

“Loyalty marketers should be breaking through corporate silos to get their loyalty programs integrated into the latest on-the-go gizmos and gadgets to drive incremental behavior,” says Hemsey. “It is important to integrate loyalty wherever customers want to engage in a brand’s loyalty program – and that means in the moment.”

He also touches on aggregators, such as Award Waller, GoMiles and Mileage Manager. “Whether or not aggregator apps that combine multiple loyalty programs under one umbrella or cluster programs are good or bad remains to be seen, but clearly it is a development that should be on loyalty providers’ minds.”

The original article can be read in its entirety on the Luxury Daily website.


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