What’s a common pain point for companies running points-based loyalty and reward programs? Sourcing meaningful and dependable rewards for their members.

Sourcing suppliers in one country is a full-time job. Doing this across 10, 20 or even 100+ countries is a costly and daunting task. But that’s just the beginning; you also need to consider:

  • Uploading reward data from hundreds of suppliers
  • Refreshing your reward data on a daily basis to availability
  • Gaining real-time line of sight to all orders
  • Managing global currency fluctuations each and every day
  • Legal compliance; many countries like Brazil will not sell to foreign entities (you may need to set up a local procurement company)
  • Managing and paying local taxes

The entire process requires powerful data automation tools as well as supplier compliance. This can only be accomplished through a global supply chain support team to ensure daily data updates are being delivered plus all order SLAs are being met each and every day across the entire supply chain; this is no small task!

Have you ever asked, “Is there a simpler way?” Now there is!

The new GRS Storefront from Global Reward Solutions (GRS) is a fast-connect API for end-to-end local and global reward management.

Companies can now quickly and easily connect to the entire global rewards gallery in just days while eliminating the costs associated with managing reward data and orders on a local and global basis.

Organizations using GRS today are saving thousands of dollars annually by not having to source, manage and update their local or global reward files and orders. These companies can now focus on their core business while GRS takes the “pain out of reward management.”

The view from the consolidated dashboard

A key feature of GRS Storefront is the GRS dashboard, which consolidates our global network of fully vetted, global suppliers across all major reward categories. From this single dashboard, clients have full view and control over all reward management processes with instant visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Companies can tap into a comprehensive suite of real-time reports with instant order tracking, along with a 24/5 global Tier 2 support team connected via our dedicated GRS ticketing system.

A massive global shopping mall

GRS Storefront provides access to a massive global shopping mall with over 10 million items to chose from. Reward categories include global merchandise, books and media, mobile top-up, online travel, event tickets, retail gift cards, experiences and virtual prepaid solutions.

Best of all with GRS Storefront, you only need to point and click to activate your next gallery; it’s that simple!

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