Data breaches — they seem to be everywhere. In today’s technology-driven, connected world, it seems like we can’t go a single day without hearing about a security crisis affecting a major brand. The security and privacy measures that are — or are not — put in place can affect whether or not the story takes over the five o’clock news or barely makes a headline. 

Most of all, it can affect a customer’s trust in your brand. As a victim of identity theft, this topic hits close to home. Last year, my PII was stolen as part of a major breach and the bad actors started buying expensive merchandise immediately. Since this happened, my attention and care for privacy and security have only grown. 

Protecting customer data, such as email addresses, is the linchpin in this scenario. As marketers, one of our greatest responsibilities is to the customer. When they trust us with their information, whatever it might be, they are one step closer to being emotionally loyal to your brand. But the moment their information is compromised so is their propensity to ever trust your brand again. 

With all this in mind, we understand how important it is to safeguard your customers’ information. And we’ve just added an additional level of security to our industry-leading marketing measures. Our newly introduced product, Cheetah Tokenization, ensures your customers' email addresses are never compromised. How it works is simple, but powerful: 

1. Store customer emails in your system

Cheetah Digital stores a tokenized representation of your customers’ email addresses instead of their actual PII. By keeping this important and sensitive information within your own system, you help limit the risk of it ever falling into the wrong hands and can confidently tell your customers that you have their best interests in mind. And you aren’t limited to using just internal or on-premise technologies and applications.

2. You set up your communications as you normally would

Cheetah Tokenization operates by exchanging customer information with non-PII based tokens. When designing your email within Cheetah Messaging, simply use the email token field in place of your customers’ email address. Everything else — including email design, setup, and analytics — operate exactly as you’re used to.

3. Your email deploys — and magic happens

During your email send, our messaging solution makes an “outbound call” to your token service to exchange the non-PII keys for actual email addresses. These addresses are only used for the send and are quickly expunged from the system.

4. Sleep easier knowing you avoided risk

With Cheetah Tokenization, your customers’ email addresses are never stored in our system. By limiting the number of places this valuable data is stored, you mitigate the risk of a breach during data transfer. What’s more, by only housing this information in your systems, you have complete control over it.

In the case of the breach my PII was caught up in, I got lucky. The brands who were targeted for fraud with my PII had measures in place to detect out of band activities. What’s more, I was able to determine the site where my PII was stolen — and I haven’t done business with that brand in the same way or with the same degree of trust since. 

As your customers learn more about the value of their personal data, their expectations of how the brands they do business with should protect that data will evolve. Cheetah Tokenization is one step toward staying ahead of these expectations and delivering a safer, more secure customer experience by avoiding unnecessary risk. 

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