Many businesses use telephone marketing as a key component of their marketing strategy.  It can be a highly effective tool to increase revenue, provide a more interactive sales approach, and generate leads and appointments.

Despite the bad rap that telemarketing gets, it works! Hey, it’s been around since the 70’s, consumers feel bothered, and there are loads of shiny new digital marketing tools promising this and that. But despite all this, picking up the telephone to reach out to your customers and prospects should be a must-have strategy in your marketing back of tricks.

Here’s why telemarketing is still the “In Thing”:

1. 1:1 Marketing at Its Best

We’ve heard time and time again that 1:1 personalized marketing is essential to really connect and engage with today’s more demanding consumers. Personalized marketing is really about delivering to an audience of one. And what better way to do this than by picking up the telephone and speaking with a customer or prospect directly?

More and more companies are implementing personalized marketing campaigns. This may include personalized web recommendations, emails, or social media conversations. However, in an age where people have gotten used to conversing across digital media, a telephone conversation provides the human touch and gives a company that additional edge to generate leads or close quick sales.

2. 93% of Businesses Say Telemarketing is Effective

According to research by the DMA Contact Centers and Telemarketing Council, “marketers continue to underestimate the effectiveness of telemarketing. With the vast majority of businesses surveyed – 93% – saying that it is effective, it is clear that telemarketing should be an essential element in B2C and B2B marketing campaigns.”

Here is a look at the top ways that B2C and B2B marketers use telemarketing:

3. One of the Most Effective B2B Marketing Channels

B2B lead generation techniques such as social media and email marketing are without doubt, highly effective. But when it comes to B2B marketing, telemarketing still occupies a compelling position for converting sales.

The most effective B2B lead generation tactics are inside sales, executive events, telemarketing, tradeshows and conferences, and email or electronic newsletters. (MarktingProfs)

Source: MarketingProfs

Furthermore, by integrating telemarketing before, during or after a marketing campaign, such as direct mail, e-mail campaigns, or events, marketers can create a better impression, develop longer-lasting relations, and gain invaluable sales opportunities.

Is Your Phone Data Up-to-Date or Missing?

If you are ready to start dialing, the first step to success is ensuring the phone numbers you have on file are accurate and up-to-date. Or perhaps you have a great list of customers and prospects – details such as names and addresses are relatively complete, but you are missing a huge portion of phone numbers. Rather than digging through the white or yellow pages or turning to Google, consider using a phone append service. good provider will provide phone appending or enhancement services such as:

  • Telco-sourced directory assistance, residential and business telephone numbers plus New Connect telephone numbers
  • Compiled consumer and business telephone numbers
  • Verification of existing residential and business telephone numbers
  • Reverse phone append to provide name and address data for telephone numbers, premium and standard options

Some providers will also help you find new movers and new businesses through by sourcing “New Phone Connects”, a great solution for maintaining an up-to-date database and targeted telemarketing campaigns to new moves throughout the U.S.

Are Your Phone Numbers Regulation-Compliant?

Make sure that your phone campaigns meet TCPA compliance (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) by processing your telemarketing lists against all current Do-Not-Call (DNC) files. phone append provider should flag or suppress phone numbers that match any of the following files:

  • National FTC Do-Not-Call File
  • State Do-Not-Call Files
  • Direct Marketing Association Preference Service File
  • Disconnect Telephone File
  • Wireless Blocked Numbers

Telemarketers need to stay compliant with all Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding telemarketing calls. In addition to DNC list scrubbing, for many marketers, it’s important to be able to identify and flag wireless telephone numbers to avoid FCC fines or other actions.

By being creative, having a great script, and of course, making sure your phone numbers are in tip-top shape, telemarketing has the potential to bring big results.

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