We are surrounded by constant and increasing rates of change.  

In making purchase decisions, today’s customer has access to an amazing trove of data that makes her smarter and more nimble. Meanwhile, technology is eliminating barriers to entry and continuously recasting competitive landscapes. And with instant global visibility to new innovations, new business models are springing up and upending industries around the world.

Given this pace of change, is your loyalty program keeping up?   

Here are 6 key questions to help determine whether your program is humming along – or in immediate need of a tune up:  

1. Are you DIFFERENTIATING customers on the value they provide your business?
  • Not all customers are created equal. Have you identified which customers deliver the most value and those that have the most opportunity?
  • Are you investing in each customer segment appropriately? 
2. Are you PERSONALIZING interactions at every touchpoint in the customer journey?
  • Are you using different data points to show you understand what makes your customers tick? Have you used those insights to inform your customer journeys?
  • Have you equipped your teams and your communication vehicles to provide relevant and meaningful info to every customer every time? 
3. Are you INSPIRING customers by delivering experiential moments?
  • Can you finish this sentence: My customers tell their friends they love us because ________."
  • Have you used customer insights to create WOW moments? 
4. Are you ENGAGING customers beyond transactions?
  • Have you discovered when / how you can connect with your customers beyond the purchase?
  • What are you doing to encourage customers to think about your brand between buying moments? 
5. Is your platform ENABLING you to be flexible?
  • Is your program powered by a SaaS-based product with a growing toolbox of capabilities, or are you using a legacy system that requires IT intervention at every turn?
  • Are you energized by the available functionality or frustrated that your tool cannot deliver the experiences you know you need to create? 
6. Are you ALIGNING your program to deliver on current business metrics?
  • Do you have a good line of sight on the key drivers for business success? Do you have organizational support for your loyalty vision?
  • Is your program encouraging the right behavior?  
If you feel comfortable with your answers to these questions, your program is likely ready for today’s customer marketplace. If you answered otherwise, it's probably worth taking a harder look at how to make the program better.  

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