VIPdesk Mobile Concierge, an innovative new mobile application that was launched today, makes it easy for users to place Concierge requests and access VIP Privileges from a mobile device.  This mobile app is a perfect complement to existing Concierge programs, providing VIPdesk clients with a new, relevant and fully-branded channel that can be used to provide access to Concierge service and VIP Privileges anytime, anywhere.

VIPdesk Mobile Concierge allows users to submit Concierge requests via a user-friendly interface that feeds requests directly to VIPdesk’s expert team of Concierges.

Users can also access over 1,500 VIP Privileges, deals and offers at leading restaurants, hotels and businesses in hundreds of popular travel destinations throughout the United States.  Privileges, which are geocoded and sortable by the geographic location of the user, are redeemed via a virtual membership card and can include a free  glass of champagne or appetizer, greeting from the chef, priority seating, room upgrades, invitations to VIP events and more.

Other interactive features of VIPdesk Mobile Concierge include access to 15 exclusive city guides, articles and lifestyle information, and social media integration that lets users update Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.

This innovative app is powered by the Privileges Portal, an online database that stores all data and images related to the VIP Privileges offered through the app.

VIPdesk Mobile Concierge is completely white‐labeled for each client, customized in its entirety to reflect desired branding, which is continued through the Privileges Portal.  VIPdesk clients can quickly add, delete and filter privileges via the Privileges Portal, making it easy to personalize the privileges offered to their customers.

You can view an online demo of the app on our website at

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