Throughout all my time in marketing, two things have become abundantly clear: 

  1. Customer experiences must be seamless in order to be truly satisfactory
  2. Avoiding risk requires decisive preemptive action

For marketers, that means examining every interaction a customer could possibly have with your brand in both physical and digital spaces and tailoring them to provide consistency, reliability, and a personal touch. It means enacting privacy and security standards that account for the unknown and proactively avoiding risk wherever possible. 

But email has become incredibly dynamic, and avoiding risk isn’t as simple as it once was. Today, we can personalize every word, color, and image — and most email platforms cannot easily recall the exact message a customer received. Sure, reporting can tell us when a customer opens or clicks on a specific email, but identifying the exact offer or message months after a customer has received it is nearly impossible. 

Archival is the key. And there are primarily two options available — neither of which fully accomplish what brands today require:

  1. Document archival companies. These companies mainly focus on corporate email whether that is regulated at the federal or corporate level.
  2. Enterprise email providers. Several of today’s ESPs offer an archival service but it’s limited in scope to simply archiving messages. This leaves clients needing to license a document archival company in order to search through the millions of messages.

Identifying these gaps, we decided to introduce our own solution. Cheetah Message Archive is designed specifically for B2C enterprise businesses and their marketing and customer service strategies. With Cheetah Message Archive, our clients can seamlessly archive every email they send their customers. They can then access that archive and easily search for and access those communications. This capability means that brands can stay in compliance with internal security standards. This is good news for companies that may deliver sensitive information, such as a mortgage interest quote, or special offers, including personalized discounts or offers.

But it also means that brands can deliver better customer experiences — especially in the customer service department. All too often, the agents customers connect with regarding their question or issue cannot access the information they need and are unable to offer reliable, definitive support. Which, inevitably, leads to unhappy customers who will take their business to other brands who are able to provide better service. 

Instead, we can now archive the millions of communications your brand sends to customers each and every day. And when your customers reach out to your customer service center for additional support, agents can view the exact emails the customer received. Cheetah Message Archive is a readily available, easily-searchable repository of all emails sent. With it, your team can break down silos and ensure your marketing efforts are accessible. They can verify customer-reported information in real time, provide better service, and actively help your company avoid potential fraud. 


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