Preference Management Video Series

In the long run, preference management can and should be used throughout your company's interactions with every customer and on all touchpoints. But when you're starting out, you'll want a cautious approach as you unroll the preference management system. This allows momentum to build while the value of the program is proven.

Rob Tate, VP of Sales, has three simple proposals for unrolling preference management within your brand. First, offering opt-down functionality in email marketing prevents an atomic opt-out and helps focus marketing efforts. The second, slightly more advanced, is to install a website preference center where customers can be empowered to share their preferred topics of interest, delivery channels and frequency of communication. Lastly, expanding to a secondary channel by leveraging the contact center’s service and support calls.

Watch the video to hear Rob talk about this process as well as a success story from a client that represented over 200,000 opt-out saves by an enterprise's initial preference management initiative.

In the following weeks, we'll continue to roll out videos to guide you through the implementation of preference management. If you haven't yet explored our Resource Center, you can download the Implementation of Preference Management whitepaper here.

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