High purchase frequency and pressures from an industry that evolves as beauty trends change make the beauty space extremely competitive. As a result, many beauty brands are investing in loyalty solutions to help them stand out from the competition and increase customer retention. Many beauty brands have a passionate customer base and a plethora of content to share, like video tutorials and user-generated content. Because of this, loyalty programs that incentivize and reward customers for engaging with content provide tremendous value to the brand.

Let’s take a look at the newly launched “tarte <3 rewards” loyalty program powered by CrowdTwist and the best practices the brand has embraced.

Implement a tier system

Tiered programs offer different rewards or benefits to loyalty members as they increase their involvement in the program. Tiers motivate members to spend and/or engage more with a brand. They also help to ensure that the most active and loyal members feel valued for their loyalty compared to less active members. “tarte <3 rewards” encourages members to accumulate points in order to move through different tiers and attain higher statuses in exchange for better rewards and perks at each level.

Reward for engagement

Loyalty programs that incorporate fun ways to take action with a brand help increase engagement. tarte rewards members for not only spending money with the brand but for sharing content on social media, referring friends and reading emails. This not only keeps members engaged and informed about the brand, it also helps promote the brand benefits to a wider audience, turning members into brand advocates. Beauty consumers are turning to user-generated content before they make buying decisions, so brands must encourage and leverage content like video tutorials, selfies, and online reviews for a competitive advantage. Multichannel loyalty solutions can capture spend and engagement activity at every touchpoint and leverage the data for future marketing efforts.

Offer unique perks

At different tier levels, “tarte <3 rewards” members can enjoy different rewards and benefits including free shipping, and free samples and gifts. For reaching the highest tier, “Soulmate,” members can enjoy 3x more bonus points during their birthday month, access to exclusive products, a free gift and free expedited shipping. This gives members an incentive to keep engaging and spending with the brand.

Surprise & delight

The tarte program welcomes new members via email with a surprise 15% discount. This, coupled with standard free shipping and free samples with every purchase, is guaranteed to make members feel appreciated and  helps encourage purchases.

Keep it simple

The easier it is for members to understand the program, the easier it will be for them to participate. The “tarte <3 rewards” program design is fun, playful and simple to follow. The program has a checklist of all of the benefits available at each tier level and even has an FAQ for members who want to learn more about how it works. 

Make rewards and tiers achievable

When a program makes it difficult for members to earn points, advance tiers or redeem rewards, brands start to see a drop off in activity. Members of the “tarte <3 rewards” program earn different points depending on the product purchased which can expedite a shopper’s progression to the next tier of rewards. Members are encouraged to engage with the brand though point-earning activities such as surveys and product reviews. tarte also offers free gifts and discount codes to keep members happy and willing to participate.

Beauty brands such as tarte that are investing in multichannel loyalty solutions like CrowdTwist not only have the ability to capture data by engaging and rewarding members, they also have the ability to encourage greater spend and engagement, turn their loyal members into brand advocates and make better, data-driven business decisions.

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