As marketer’s accountability to their business organization continues to broaden with the evolution of  marketing / sales unification (think smarketing), their understanding of the customer journey needs to keep up the pace. While the journey has been customer-centric for some time, we now have to be executing in-the-moment marketing, knowing our customers well enough to deliver experiences that meet their needs and interests in real time. The revenue opportunities can be great when you offer customers context.

Personalization is still important in moment marketing. Pairing basic customer information with behavioral and transactional data gives you the direction you need to feed your campaigns for targeting individual customers. Think of the response you’ll receive from any campaign that speaks to a person versus how targeting was handled in the recent past – let’s call it bulk targeting – that was a more hit or miss approach than a direct bulls eye. Those days are gone, and individualism is here.

The best part about moment marketing is using a resource that we all have – data, the key to reading your customers’ minds. The technology that we have today enables marketers to gain customer insights through full automation in these means:

  • Enrich customer data: pulls all of your data from internal and external sources into one platform to give you a complete view of your customers
  • Analyze customer behavior: identify non-obvious patterns and receive dynamic recommendations that changes your customer outreach
  • Account intelligence: makes sense of the multitude of accounts and personas in your database with deep augmentation, including to support incoming leads.

Because it’s done in real time, today’s technology allows you to be where your customers expect you to be. Serve them relevance, and they’ll faithfully give you more 1:1 pipeline conversions, the experience that you want.

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