According to the December 2014 blog post Framing the House of Customer Engagement Optimization by Verint’s Scott Hays, vice president, global solutions marketing, a complete customer optimization strategy requires enriched customer interactions, improved business processes, and an optimized workforce. It looks outside-in and inside-out—from the perspective of the customers and the employees—to make the engagement something lasting and beneficial for all involved.

As part of some recent discussions around customer engagement optimization, we took a look back at some creative practice presentations that were given by members of Verint’s customer advisory councils over the past several months. How are some current Verint customers enriching interactions, improving business processes and optimizing the workforce?  

Enriching interactions

Carlson Craft is a leader in the wholesale print industry. They use customer engagement optimization solutions including customer feedback, workforce management, advanced scorecards, strategic planner, and speech analytics. In one of their presentations, they mentioned that speech analytics helped them adapt to market trends and change the products that they offer in the market. It’s also helped them pick up on certain spoken phrases so they can identify a variety of areas to accentuate and improve to help drive an excellent customer experience and increase customer loyalty. What are some example results? They’ve increased service levels by 20 percent, reduced handle time by 15 seconds, improved adherence by 15 percent, and elevated customer loyalty and retention. Check out this video for more details on their story: Carlson Craft and Workforce Optimization.

Optimizing the workforce

For over a century, this cruise line operator has been a recognized leader in its field. The organization implemented workforce management, speech analytics, quality monitoring and recording, and performance management in their journey toward customer experience excellence. In conjunction with the Verint strategic services group, the company developed custom key performance indicators (KPIs) for monitoring, measuring, and enhancing the performance of its agents. According to the manager who presented the cruise line’s use case, leveraging KPIs via agent and management scorecards helped drive significant improvement in several areas, including helping the cruise line operator enhance sales in its contact centers. They combined scorecards with an intensive sales coaching program and found that some groups experienced sales conversion improvements of over 50 percent.

Improving business processes

Quality management programs are essential to good contact center operations, but how do you know you’re focusing on the calls that truly matter? One of North America’s largest mutual life insurance companies recently moved beyond traditional quality monitoring and random call sampling toward an insightful, focused quality program centered on analytics-driven quality. They’re leveraging the power of speech analytics to focus their quality process on the call types that matter most. Results so far include:

  • Reduced manual effort from quality assurance (QA) and management perspectives
  • Increased ability to deliver targeted coaching through precision monitoring
  • Higher validity to existing QA performance reviews from agent and management perspectives
  • Newly realized ability to score and data mine 100 percent of calls
  • Improved customer experience due to more effective contact center agents

Another leading insurer in North America uses workforce optimization, speech analytics, customer feedback, and desktop analytics to improve the customer experience in their contact center—and enterprise back office. For back office optimization, they use customer interaction listening and analytics to help decrease back office processing errors. With this use of customer analytics—including customer survey tools and back office solutions—they’ve improved first contact resolution from 72.5 to 75.8 percent, which has equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in decreased costs.

Are you helping to frame the house of customer engagement optimization? Look at opportunities in your organization to enrich interactions, optimize your people, and drive business and workforce optimization results.


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