Using Concierge to promote and fulfill other customer benefits can have a positive impact on overall customer satisfaction and service quality.

Several of our clients currently utilize their Concierge via a “gateway servicing model” in which Concierge service is the primary delivery channel for both information about and redemption of all membership benefits. With this model, Concierge aren’t simply responding to Concierge requests, but are also handling travel inquiries, making travel bookings, responding to inquiries regarding other benefits and fulfilling other benefits.

The benefit that we have discovered with this “gateway servicing model” is two-fold:

  • First, this provides a single point of contact for the customer, thus providing a better customer experience. The alternative often consists of several transfers between departments, which rarely turns out to be a positive, cohesive experience.
  • Second, Concierges are very good at anticipating customer needs.  Because of this, they are very good at recommending program benefits that are going to be relevant to the customer immediately.  The end result is additional usage of not only Concierge service in general, but also other program benefits available to customers.

For an example of this, let’s look at a brand that provides its customers with access to an airport lounge benefit.

  • First and foremost, delivering this benefit via Concierge service from enrollment through fulfillment provides the user with a single point of contact, which is a great way to improve the user experience.
  • When customers to call in to redeem the benefit (ex: the customer is stuck in Dubai on an unexpected layover and needs to find out if there is a lounge in the airport that they can access), the Concierge can not only provide the information about the airport lounge benefit in question, but also look at the set of membership benefits available to the customer (as well as their particular travel scenario) and recommend things that are going to be of assistance to the customer at that very moment.

This is a win-win situation, as the Concierge is not only promoting specific marketing assets or program benefits, but doing so in a situation in which they are of use to the customer. The end result is an much higher engagement level between the customer and your product than you would see if calls were routed to the airport lounge provider who doesn’t know about the other benefits available to your customers, or someone else lacking the skill set necessary to cohesively promote the benefits in the manner natural to a Concierge.

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