In a three-minute video, see why AARP’s Rewards for Good loyalty program won a Gold Award at the Loyalty360 Awards.

Nataki Edwards, Vice-President of Digital Strategy & Operations of AARP is meeting her metrics by creatively using a loyalty program to drive online engagement with members.

“Because of Rewards for Good, two million more members are using at least one of the tools that qualify for points,” says Edwards. “This represents a 100% increase in the first year of the program alone.”

Engagement is crucial to AARP’s social mission, which is to prepare and educate members about how to live their best lives possible as they age. By driving members to the website, AARP can interact with them about issues related to health, finances, and more.

When Edwards first considered a rewards program, she knew she would get the online engagement she wanted. However, she wondered if the program could be structured to reward very specific behaviors, such as choosing one topic over another?

“We were looking for a deeper level of engagement – at the behavior level,” Edwards says. “For Deluxe Rewards, it was no problem configuring a program that would reward our members at different levels based on their online choices among hundreds of choices. Driving positive behavior change is part of their business model.”

Deluxe Rewards and AARP built the “Rewards for Good” program so it assigns points based on AARP’s assessment of educational value. For example, using the Retirement Calculator tool earns members 300 points, while members earn 600 points for taking a quiz called, “Can You Spot Investment Fraud?”

“I think Deluxe Rewards is light years ahead of the industry for doing it this way – for having the ability to drive behavior change,” says Edwards. “And I consider AARP the poster child for creatively using a program to achieve multiple business objectives.”

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