What you say matters. Your voice is stronger than ever. And I think you should use it.

Let me ask you a question … when you have a problem with a product or service, are you apt to share that experience on your Facebook page, tweet it out, or write a review/comment on a social channel? What about the same question if you are pleased or a brand exceeds your expectations?

About a month ago, I wrote the article “Social Media Reviews – Value, Morals, and Ethics.” It talked about the value and (suggested) need for brands to incentivize customers to write a review for their product, but to stay on the right side of ethics when doing so. My position today takes another perspective. I am here today to tell you that you as consumers have an obligation (OK – maybe that is a bit strong) to share your thoughts and perspectives on the products and services they purchase.

While doing some research for a project this past week, I came across a real eye opening statistic. According to the “Public Opinion on US Supermarkets on Social Media” report, “social media users posted 96,667 opinions on supermarkets in the last 12 months, which they shared 105,692,968 times.” Now granted, the 96,667 highlights that the supermarket vertical is a stronger lager in the use of social media. But the measly number of opinions that were posted was shared a whopping 105,692,968 times … an average of 1,000 times for each opinion. That is powerful.

Sure I have used twitter to comment on service, but that was only when my (then) cable company pissed me off so bad that it was my way of screaming. And yes, I have written a book review, but that was one I received a free copy and promised to do so. By and large, I am a social media voyeurist when it comes to product comments and reviews. I love to look, but I am not really active at all. I am sure this is true for many of you.

I think the time has come for both you and me to change. I think we owe it to our fellow consumers to help to be the ears and mouth of deserving and undeserving brands. When I look at the number of opinions and shares in the report, it says two things to me. 1) A small number are carrying the weight, and 2) so many of us really care.

We all want the brands behind the products and services that we purchase to be accountable. Reminds me a bit of the first time I voted in an election. Prior to my inaugural time, I was lackadaisical. I believed my vote did not amount to anything. Then, one year, I finally had outrage with regards to the political decisions coming from the White House. Change was imperative. I think many people felt that way that given year. I ended up waiting in line for two hours to vote and had no regrets.

We all need to be more active sharing our thoughts on the products and services we buy and spend our hard earned money on. It is time to be counted. It is time to hold brands accountable. It is time to reward those that deliver value. It is time to crush inferior offerings. Are you in?

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Posted by Steve Goldner

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