“Schools and universities have budgetary issues, so you want to get the most that you can for the money,” advised Mokhtarnejad. “My advice would be to look for a CMS product that is scalable, easy to maintain, based on the latest best practices, and look for a vendor that offers great technical support.” 
Added Mansfield, “We’re very under-resourced, as most of your readers will be. So, I would say if there’s an outstanding upgrade that needs to be done, go ahead and do it. It’s not going to get any easier. Again, we’ve been in this compelling situation where we’ve been growing so quickly that we haven’t upgraded our infrastructure as quickly as we needed to. So, I would say, don’t wait – do it.”



UW Bothell site provides key audiences with everything that they need – and then some     Universities have become a mainstay of American society. For decades, they have been growing in size and scope. They are attracting an increasing quantity of students, faculty, investment – and attention. Today, they are in a unique position. They are having to work hard to project just the right image, and for that they need to have the right technologies in place – and....

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