A successful business is half customer acquisition and half customer retention. That’s because getting a new customer can frequently be a costly affair, involving advertising, promotions, and/or discounts, all of which reduce your overall profitability. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your new customers once you get them.

Modern expectations are great.

Technology and the Internet have now accustomed people to expect a certain level of experience from their favorite brands—they’ll no longer tolerate being treated simply as a number or transaction on a ledger.

They won’t accept being “just another customer,” jumping through phone-tree hoops, or getting the run-around from ill-informed customer service reps. And they shouldn’t have to —today’s technology can easily provide a great customer experience without the expense of training tons of support representatives.

How to create and sustain customer loyalty.

So what do customers expect? What makes a great customer experience? Recently, Forrester Research updated their Customer Experience Index (CXi) to benchmark how consumers rated their interactions with brands in the US, Europe, and China. And from their research, they gleaned what keeps customers from going to competitors.

Universal drivers of Customer Experience and Loyalty.


  1. Make customers feel valued.
  2. Resolve customers’ issues or problems quickly.
  3. Talk to customers in plain language.
While these drivers may seem obvious at first blush, it’s nonetheless amazing how many companies don’t effectively execute them. Ever. In fact, when was the last time a company you patronized did all three of these things during your interaction with them? Can you remember back that far? Frankly, a lot of companies can’t get past the first driver without failing spectacularly.

Community is the universal loyalty driver.

All of these customer experience drivers can be handled by TIBCO Engage™ with its industry leading social community platform powered by tibbr.

Simply inviting customers to join your social community is often enough to make customers feel special and valued. Being part of an “exclusive” group instantly gets them on your side and increases their affinity for your brand. The ability to highly personalize their own profile also deepens their involvement in the community and investment in the brand. And the community provides continuous social interaction that leads to inclusive feelings for everyone involved.

The community of customers can also help resolve issues and problems for each other quickly, even when community moderators aren’t immediately available. And they’ll do it without involving a lot of jargon or technobabble because they’re plain-speaking regular people themselves.

3 core dimensions of Customer Experience quality.

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  1. Effectiveness — Customers get value from the experience
  2. Ease — …without difficulty…
  3. Emotion — …and feel good about the experience.

Clearly, a TIBCO Engage social community is an effective way to give customers the value they expect without unnecessary hassles so they have a positive experience and feel good about the brand as a result.

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