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PHILADELPHIA--()--For most optical retailers, customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention are key drivers of performance. For Eyes, a subsidiary of leading global optical retailer GrandVision, has higher expectations for its customer relationships. With 110 US stores, For Eyes has chosen the Clutch Platform to help them take an innovative approach to customer data, enabling a change in the way customers perceive and shop with the brand through smarter marketing.

Clutch’s customer marketing platform uses machine learning algorithms to improve outcomes from marketing campaigns. This forward-looking strategy leverages a wide array of customer data such as shopping behaviors and purchases to increase engagement, purchase frequency, customer satisfaction and more. For the For Eyes team, the goals they set out to achieve included motivating customers to try new products and to check their vision regularly.

“We have worked hard to build a loyal customer base in a highly competitive market, and now we’re ready to embrace new technologies that will help us really stand out,” explained Vijay Guyah, Chief Marketing Officer at For Eyes. “Right now we are communicating with our customers based on what we know, which is not enough to really change the way they think about us in their daily lives. We’re excited to partner with Clutch to uncover new insights we can use to position our products and solutions in an exciting new way.”

Today, most marketers use a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, to handle customer data, but these systems are not capable of taking in all of the nuanced data signals created by today's consumers. With Clutch, For Eyes will be able to capture, analyze and act upon every aspect of their customer data, putting it to use in email, direct mail or other promotional campaigns in a matter of seconds.

“We can take in an infinite number of data points, so we can look at the data and tell a brand, customer A responds well to text messages while customer B prefers an email, or this group is more likely to browse online and then purchase in store, and when they do they’ll be looking for polarized lenses,” said Ned Moore, CEO of Clutch, “That’s where we can start to use the CRM to make marketing more effective by personalizing the interactions from the data we have.”

Going forward, For Eyes plans to work with Clutch to implement a data-driven loyalty solution as well as an SMS strategy which will power timely communications like appointment confirmations and order updates. All of this is part of an effort to power better connections with their customers and continued growth for the brand.

About Clutch

Clutch’s Customer Management platform delivers actionable customer intelligence and personalized engagements that empower B2C companies to uniquely identify, understand and motivate each individual in their customer base. The platform integrates real-time customer data across point-of-sale, ecommerce, mobile and social channels, marketing touch points and more back to a single individual customer record. With the addition of machine learning, the platform is able to deliver highly personalized and relevant engagements to increase the value of each customer. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, Clutch’s solutions impact over 120 million consumers of over 900 brands. Clutch is a proud partner of Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), NewSpring Capital and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. For more information visit clutch.com, follow Clutch Holdings on LinkedIn or @ClutchSuccess on Twitter.

About For Eyes

For Eyes was founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, PA on the foundation that an optical store should have a friendly open environment with fair pricing and high-quality standards. Throughout the years, For Eyes has grown to 110 stores across the United States. In December of 2015 For Eyes became a part of GrandVision, the global leader in optical retail.

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