As 2015 quickly wraps up, here are five resolutions for marketers to consider in 2016 in order to enhance their customer understanding and drive their brand experience.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?: If you aren’t already, it’s time to get a unified, consistent view of your customers to understand their behaviors, tendencies, trends and motivation points. Many brands are already centralizing and synthesizing their data across datasources including point-of-sale, ecommerce, CRM, social media, and mobile applications. Once you have this data unified you can identify segments, build insightful personas, and score your customers to strategically engage each customer with personalized experiences.

MAKING A LIST: Get a jump on designing and developing your customer strategy and campaign calendar now for 2016. Lay out the messaging, content, products, and call to action ahead of time for each segment – and don’t forget your lapsed customers – to avoid last minute scrambling and unnecessary holdups. Adding automation to your marketing process by loading campaigns into your customer marketing platform allows for maximized targeting and timing to help motivate your customers year round.


PERSONAL TOUCH: The term ‘personalization’ is the new ‘big data’ hype term. However, the technology, engineered specifically to address marketing’s customer needs, now exists. For too long marketing teams have been hampered by traditional CRM systems that are built for sales instead of marketing and can’t handle the complex customer data needs to engage today’s ‘always on’ customer. Advanced customer marketing technology now delivers a platform that facilitates the identification, understanding and motivation of customers by delivering them the personalized experiences they now expect from your brand.

YOU BETTER WATCH OUT: Keep an eye your market and competitors for shifts and changes. However, don’t ignore what brands outside your segment are doing. Customer experience and engagement innovation is teetering or tipping in many industries, so keep a close eye out for ideas and approaches that may give your brand an additional competitive advantage in your market.

ON TRACK: Make sure you measure and optimize early and often, all year long. Track the efficacy of each of your campaigns across every channel to understand which customers are responding and how they are reacting. If the efficacy is low, make an adjustment to your messaging, content and offers. The key is to not just set it and forget it; doing this often has disastrous consequences for a brand. Having comprehensive, real-time metrics for your engagements is critical to ensure that they are performing for your business.

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