Healthy programs should be constantly generating an influx of new members, and the early stages of their membership is an ideal time to gather feedback from your new members through a new member feedback survey.
With a New Member Experience survey, you can quickly understand satisfaction with the member enrollment process, primary reasons for signing up, and pain points during the sign-up process. This can be a triggered survey to a particular member a certain number of days after enrollment or a point-in-time survey to a group of new members.
Recommended topics for your new member survey:

  • Why members joined the program
  • Satisfaction with enrollment process
  • Program experience, including the website, in-store, or mobile app
  • How well members understand the program
  • Likelihood to recommend program to others
  • Pain points or issues with the program
  • Demographics
Tips for executing a successful new member survey:
  • Send the survey out within a week or two of sign up, so the experience is fresh on their minds.
  • Use a combination of structured (close-ended) and open-ended questions.
  • Keep the survey short - no more than five minutes.
  • Make sure the survey is mobile optimized
  • If offering an incentive, make sure it is tied to the program/brand, such as rewards points or a percent off coupon for your brand.
Key Example:
Brierley+Partners sent out surveys daily to new program enrollees during a pilot for a quick service restaurant, which enabled timely identification and resolution of problem areas such as confusion with the mobile ordering process.

Your loyalty program is one of the most important investments that you’ll make with your customers. Therefore, be sure to build in some time and budget to get valuable feedback from your new members. Your members are a valuable resource you can leverage to provide continuous insights from the time they join your program.

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