Digital Marketing, Social Media.  So often we hear people speaking these words. Often with a lofty tone as though these terms are definitive in and of their own.  “we’re focusing our efforts on digital marketing” “we have to be in social media”

I’ve heard from marketers talking about their need to “be digital”.

Digital isn’t a destination in and of itself; it’s a means to an end.  Digital is a superhighway where we can deliver more messages, faster, through more mediums, with more accuracy (delivery and purpose).  Similar to selecting your television media plan on stations and programming, social and other digital channels should be recognized for their unique offerings and participants.

Organizations shouldn’t be making the priority “digital” or “social”; organizations should be thinking about MY customer.  Who are they, where are they, what do they want and more importantly, what do they want from me?

Today’s customers have expectations.  Today’s millennials have even greater expectations when it comes to digital messaging. 

Loyalty360 coined a term back in 2012 – Expectation Matching:

It’s the concept of being where your customer is when they want you to be there, through the right channel with the right message, before, during and after the transaction.

This is where digital comes in.

With today’s resources, data, and digital – companies can deliver on true expectation matching.  But you must start with the strategy, your knowledge of your customer and then your knowledge of the delivery media.  Developing messages to drive the most powerful, positive, emotional experiences via the most relevant medium for that particular customer.

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