Are you satisfied with the return on your investment for each of your chosen marketing channels – or do you have a sinking feeling it could be better?  If you work in marketing, you know that the pressure is always on to stretch those marketing budget dollars beyond belief – and it seems like it’s never quite enough.  From a macro perspective, we know that channel mix optimization considers both cost and return on investment per channel, which ultimately helps to guide a “balanced” (read: profitable) allocation of marketing budget across the individual channels.
Therefore, we need to take a step back and evaluate each channel we are utilizing.  Smart optimization focuses on one channel at a time!

Note:  In order to understand the true ROI per channel, it’s important to have a grasp on how the company views sales attribution (ex. single-touch/multi-touch) in order to get a true read on which individual channels are delivering and prioritize those investments.

Mobile First
It should be no surprise that mobile would be the first stop for channel optimization as it is so critical to get this right.  We know that anything done on a desktop can be done on a mobile phone and, let’s face it, we are addicted to our phones.



So what creates a great experience on mobile? 
Image clarity, text legibility, big menu buttons, loading speed, pop-up minimization, videos that play, responsive sites that scale to fit, and easy navigation – all important.
Here is an easy 5 step check-list that can help you assess the experience you are delivering to a mobile user. Make sure to load your site on both IOS and Android mobile devices!


The Invisible Fence with Visible Results
You have probably encountered a few businesses that “do mobile well”, perhaps in retail, groceries, gas stations, or QSR – because it’s easy, fun, or the convenience factor is undeniable. 
There are more advanced features such as geo-fencing that can be added to the mobile experience once steps #3 and #4 in the checklist are addressed.  One global retail coalition client successfully layered in digital geo-fencing in a promotional gamification campaign, driving consumers to visit multiple stores within a shopping mall for incremental sales.  Loyalty program members earned game plays for purchases in eligible stores, which included chances to win 1 million points in a digital scratch-off game.  These technology enhancements work best on an optimized mobile platform to maximize customer engagement.


Augmented is the New Reality 
Another good example of mobile enhancement is what 7-Eleven did with 7Rewards.  Once steps #1, #2, and #5 in the mobile checklist are optimized, augmented reality initiatives can be integrated to quickly build momentum, further engaging customers and leveraging user-generated content, to create a more emotional bond with the brand.  7-Eleven’s Deadpool Sweepstakes utilized the AR character in a fun, interactive way to drive in-store experiences and specific purchases, for a chance to win trips, movie tickets, and 1 million points.


Mobile Optimization = Ready for Future Enhancements
The opportunities to engage and truly connect with your customer via mobile are endless, and it’s worth the time to do a little mobile housekeeping to increase ROI for the channel and be positioned to amplify your marketing efforts with even more advanced mobile technologies when the time is right.
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