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Brand Compliance for National Brands

The origination of branding can be traced to ancient times, when specialists often put individual trademarks on hand-crafted goods. The branding of farm animals in Egypt in 2700 BC to avoid theft may be considered a form of trade marking. In 1266, English bakers were required by law to put a specific symbol on each product they sold. Branding became more widely used in the 19th century, through the industrial revolution and the development of new professional fields like marketing, manufacturing and business management.

Today, branding has come a long way.  It is an integral part of any marketer's effort to create an emotional connection between products, companies and their customers and constituents.

Brand managers control the image of the brand.  And, in distributed marketing networks, where local marketers can create and producing materials with the need for corporate brand standards in mind, brand control is more challenging than ever.

sonic controls brand, enables local marketersSONIC engaged this challenge head on.  SONIC manages and controls their brand while enabling local marketers to create and produce marketing materials.  From promotional and display items, to wall posters, bag stuffers, corporate collateral and more -- marketing asset management technology on a distributed marketing platform has proven a valuable investment.

How Sonic Moved from a "DIY" Approach to Brand Compliant Store Marketing

With approximately 3,500 drive-ins nationwide and more than a million customers served daily, SONIC's innovative marketing continues to be instrumental to the company's ongoing sonic controls brandsuccess.  While SONIC's marketing team directed all national and many local marketing programs, other local marketing efforts were managed by franchise owners and managers.  The ad-hoc efforts were of poor quality and not in line with national brand standards.

To foster greater marketing success at the store level, SONIC utilizes Saepio to provide corporate, franchise and store level marketers with a single system that streamlines marketing content development and delivery.

With Saepio, the benefits are considerable.  SONIC's stores save time because they don't have to reinvent the wheel every time a piece is created.  Costs are reduced because of minimized time on the franchise level as well as in one-off marketing deliverables and associated agency expenses.  Not only can stores produce more, and more effective, marketing materials, but the company benefits from more consistent brand execution across the board.

To read more, download the case study:

Or, for more information, the Saepio account executives have helped hundreds of companies like yours assess the value of brand control, time and cost savings a MAM solution could deliver.  They bring unique industry expertise and are available to help you conduct your audit.  You can reach them at 877.468.7613.  And for a complete list of our resources visit www.saepio.com/resources.

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