Enjoying a glass of wine with good friends and good food can be an enjoyable experience. But if you’ve ever stressed out trying to choose the right wine for an occasional get together or business dinner, you understand how the experience can be less than relaxing.

Kendall-Jackson, a family-owned California winery has been seeking to take the stress out of wine selection, better yet they are on a mission to make wine an easy addition to any social situation. In 2013 the winery launched it’s “Goes well with friends” loyalty campaign, centered on a mobile app that makes it easy to choose the right wine for any get together and to help with wine and food pairings. The app is free and available to Android and Apple users.

To pump up user adoption and use of the app, Kendall Jackson partnered with Badgeville in late 2013 to implement a customer focused gamification solution as part of the K-J Recommends loyalty program integrated with the mobile app.

Performance metrics on customer loyalty and engagement programs are not often shared, so it is encouraging that Badgeville recently published some results from K-J Recommends. Using the app, Kendall-Jackson winery customers are more frequently launching and interacting with the program, showing a 65% increase after the app re-launched four months ago. The has also been a 38% increase in downloads of the mobile app.

In addition to increasing downloads and frequency of use, Kendall-Jackson has enjoyed:

  • 8,200 new registered users
  • 27,000 more actions from registered users
  • 1,500 more social sharing actions
  • 15,000 more Facebook impressions

Jason J. Hunke, Senior Vice President, Communications, for Kendall-Jackson said, “Using Badgeville’s Behavior Platform, we’ve been able to rapidly grow and improve engagement and deliver an app experience that is both educational and rewarding for our customers.” Increased customer engagement has resulted from the use of quizzes pertaining to wine or its counterparts.

People using K-J Recommends earn points by taking quizzes and earn badges as they complete missions in their wine journey. In the process, people gain access to wine portfolios and a variety of recipes to spice things up a bit! The main focus of the program is to increase brand loyalty, drive purchase frequency and separate the Kendall-Jackson name from a pack of rabid competitors.

Steve Sims, Founder of the Behavior Lab and Chief Design Officer at Badgeville, said, “So many companies are finding creative ways to implement gamification to boost customer engagement and business results. It’s exciting to be a part of this growing phenomenon and work with companies like Kendall-Jackson that are leading the way.”

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