Giro, a worldwide leader in high-performance protective cycling and snow sport gear, has partnered with Clutch, a pioneering customer marketing platform, to introduce an innovative branded currency solution for their ecommerce channel. We sat down with Ezra Shaffer, Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce for Giro, to talk about the solution and an array of customer topics.

Q: Ezra, what are the primary objectives Giro is focused on with its e-gift solution?

ES:  As the price point of some of our key products increases, we wanted a solution that would make our most aspirational products more accessible. Gift cards were an obvious choice for us to accomplish this.

Q: Giro is widely viewed as an innovator in the sporting goods industry; talk a little bit about the innovation your e-card gift card solution provides to both Giro’s customers and its brand.

ES: The concept of offering physical and electronic gift cards seemed to require some innovation, but Clutch really made everything much easier and literally cut the scope of the project in half. The solution allows customers to interact with Giro through a branded currency and makes it easy to do so. Customers can email an e-gift or mail a physical card to their recipient.

Q:  What does Clutch bring to the table as a partner for Giro?

ES: The keyword is “partner.”  At no point have we been left stranded to figure things out on our own.  The Clutch team was remarkably attentive, and proactive during the onboarding process.  A mere ‘vendor’ would be counting the hours, and I never sensed that from Clutch.   

Q: Giro operates a unique Pro-Deal Program, which is exclusive to industry colleagues, independent dealers, police, fire, and military professionals. How does the e-gift program benefit Pro-Deal members?

ES:  We love our Pro Deal program because it gives Retailers, Industry Partners, and Public Service officials easy access to our products by providing them a generous discount, at different tier levels.  We never discount products on the website, so being in the program is very coveted.  However, one of the membership rules is that our members cannot buy products for anyone but themselves, so offering them the option to buy a gift card helps them advocate the Giro product to others.  At the end of the day these members are our Brand Ambassadors so we want the people around them to get excited about their gear.       

Q: In terms of the intersection of loyalty and technology where do you see Giro heading in the future for its customers?

ES:  We actually see technology intersect with the soul.  We don’t innovate for the sake of innovation.  We see the purpose in our products and get excited when we see them being enjoyed.  As for the future, we will let our customers and athletes help steer that course for us.  Great things are always around the corner.     

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