Smart incentives are never one-size-fits-all. Align your rewards with what survey participants want, and you’ll attract the best respondents.

As a market researcher, you know incentives boost response rates. Yet you can’t just blindly hand out rewards — it takes consideration to properly execute an incentive program. Different respondents prefer different things, and each situation calls for a unique approach. Meet each set of demands head-on by understanding research incentives better as a whole.
As technology evolves, the way you incentivize respondents must evolve with it. If you don’t cater to current demands and preferences, your response rates will reflect that. The new 2017 Trends Study from IRF (Incentive Research Foundation) highlights the massive influence tech has on incentives: “Almost 90% of large businesses report having some sort of technology in place to support their incentives and reward programs”. Staying up-to-date with the latest incentive technology also makes your life as a market researcher easier.
What sort of incentives get respondents to best engage? Implement these three factors to increase your response rates and quality:

  • Speed
If someone gives up even 30 minutes of their time, they expect a return on their investment — immediately. A check two weeks from now won’t cut it. In fact, it’s been shown that respondents don’t even like to wait until the end of the survey. That’s why prepaid incentives yield higher response rates than downstream incentives.
  • Digitalization
Digital incentives are convenient and extremely flexible. Research has shown that non-monetary incentives like physical gifts don’t increase response rates like digital currency. But why box people in by telling them where they can spend their reward? With digital gift cards, respondents can use their rewards anywhere, on anything they want at any time. To learn how our GiftCard PASS lets you create the perfect list of merchants for your program, click here.
  • Personalization
Just because most survey responses are anonymous doesn’t mean receiving an incentive needs to be. Even if you don’t know their name, you can add a personal message to thank them for adding value to your study. Create a positive experience for respondents to boost your chances of getting better — and more complete — results. Plus, if you're looking to entice return respondents, they’re more likely to come back if you personalize the experience for them.

Virtual Incentives can build you a custom solution that performs. We match our incentive programs to your specific needs, so contact us to increase your response rates. Then don’t forget to keep up with the latest in incentives by subscribing to The Vi FEED

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