Strategize for these three events today
Always two steps ahead, successful marketers are planning for 2020 as their consumers buy turkeys and decorate the house. Next year is right around the corner and, if you haven’t already started, it’s time to tackle your first quarter consumer engagement strategy. Leverage the tactics below to build the foundation for 2020, your best year yet.
New Year
With the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions at about 80%*, it’s clear we could all use some help in setting and achieving our goals. Be the resource consumers lean on in the new year to make their 2020 better and brighter. Align your brand with a common resolution – healthier living, more time with family, focus on finances – or allow consumers to select a personal goal as part of a resolution achievement hub. Participants are encouraged to visit the campaign daily to check-in and engage with content designed to inspire and facilitate goal achievement, earning the chance to win with each activity completed. Spread campaign reach and encourage community participation by allowing participants to share their successes and challenges socially.         
Valentine’s Day  
People love celebrating love, as evident in the rising annual spend for Valentine’s Day: with almost $20.7 billion spent on Valentine’s Day, 2019 spending broke the previous record set in 2018.* Capture your brand’s share of those dollars using a Valentine’s gift guide. Get creative and recommend thoughtful and unique gifts and gestures inspired by your brand that take the guess-work out of giving. Drive purchase by offering a coupon during the digital experience.    
March Madness
What’s a good way to capture attention from consumers this spring? Ask them to fill out a bracket for a chance to win! In March 2018, 73 million people over the age of 18 filled out a total of 170 million brackets***. Sports related or not, a bracket challenge is an excellent way to inspire competition and engagement from consumers. Unlock new creative and chance-to-win overlays as the “tournament” progresses to keep participants excited and announce winners on social to drive traffic across channels.          
Do the events resonate with your target market? If not, consider other events to activate: National Compliment Day, Groundhog’s Day, or International Women’s Day, for instance. No matter the even you chose, always be sure that your brand is communicating with your audience in the most impactful and authentic manner.
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