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In 2012, rDialogue launched a new section on our web site called Relevant Reads, in reference to the ‘r’ of rDialogue.  Relevant Reads was launched as a way to publicly share the many articles that we share with each other and with our clients.  You can check out all of our Relevant Reads here.  

To set our sights on 2013 and what we can look forward to, we asked members of our team to look back on Relevant Reads they submitted and pick an article (or two) that will still be relevant in 2013 and beyond.


Phil Rubin, CEO

Original Articles:  Marketers Flunk the Big Data Test; A Penny for your Privacy

Source: Harvard Business Review

Why it was relevant: The vast majority of marketers still rely on intuition.  Those that do use data, for the most part, do it badly; Good overview outlining the costs and benefits of sharing your data relative to privacy.

Why it will stay relevant: Building and sustaining customer loyalty occurs at the intersection of brand trust and the collection of data and corresponding insights that trust yields.  As marketers are better able to leverage customer data, privacy is increasingly the valuable currency and trade-off for the customer for increasing value from the brand.   The Googles and Facebooks of the world will continue to exploit customer data, and privacy and scrutiny from regulators will be more front and center than ever.


Don Adams, Senior Client Strategy Partner

Original Article: Customer Experience Finally…and Once Again


Why it was relevant:   Customer experience should be core to, not a side effect of CRM, and creating a great experience doesn't have to be difficult.

Why it will stay relevant:  Not only should the customer experience remain core to CRM, it wasn’t a novel concept in 2012 nor will it be outdated in 2013. As channels and touchpoints continue to multiply, creating a consistently high-quality customer experience via CRM will be more of a challenge for brands but yield more in rewards if done right.


Andrea Arabia, Client Strategy Partner

Original Article: Amazon Changed Holiday Shopping Forever - Now App Showdown is On

Source: Wired

Why it was relevant: Technology is changing the way the consumer interacts with brands, and leading the way are Amazon, Target and Walmart (comes as no surprise).

Why it will stay relevant:  2012 was the year when retailers started to get their feet wet with technology by adding some bells and whistles to their existing digital tools.  After the holiday shopping season, it was apparent that online and mobile investments paid off and demand more of a 2013 focus.  We’ll see retailers leveraging technology beyond their comfort zone in 2013, and in turn, improve the customer experience in ways that we have not seen yet.  


Meg Culp, Vice President, Strategy

Original Article: Why Big Bird Remains Powerfully — and Globally — Significant

Source: Harvard Business Review

Why it was relevant:   Sesame Street as a brand has sustained its impact by understanding its audience and consistently delivering on their brand promise.

Why it will stay relevant:  Big Bird was relevant 40+ years ago and remains relevant globally today by leveraging its central brand promise to create new relationships in new markets through innovative new models. This same tenant – or challenge - will remain true for marketers as we head into 2013 to create relationships between their customers and their unique brand – not a loyalty program, a discount or a single marketing offer. Companies that continue to embody their core brand values, but flexibly deliver on those values in ways that work for individual customers and segments will create an advantage in today’s current market of discounts, mark-downs and me-too loyalty programs.


Rachel Lothspeich, Client Solutions Associate

Original Article: Starbucks to Use Square, Inc.’s Mobile Payment Service

Source: Wall Street Journal

Why it was relevant: Starbucks invests in mobile payment service – Square – with plans to use it as a complement to the already popular SBUX mobile payment app.

Why it will stay relevant:  Starbucks rolled out their Square payment option in late 2012, and with the increasing popularity of mobile payments in general, we expect to see other retailers follow in these footsteps in 2013. The customer purchase process as a whole will evolve and change dramatically in 2013 with ease of use and convenience at the forefront.


Jon Parise, Client Strategy Partner

Original Article: SEO Isn't What You Think It Is

Source: Fast Company

Why it was relevant:   A well-optimized web site is no longer enough to get Google's attention.  A brand must be social.

Why it will stay relevant:  In 2013, Google will remain the number one way people reach a web site (bold prediction!).  There is a constant battle to get your company’s page to the top of the listings.  Whereas before, it was about keywords and search engine tricks, going forward a website’s ranking will not depend on that site alone but how it engages people in social media channels and more and more companies will develop strategies that address this.  Additionally, where will Google+ go in 2013?  This year could be a make or break year for Google+.


Brenda Thielbar, Senior Client Implementation Partner

Original Article:  If content is king, the story reigns as queen

Source:  Loyalty360 / SAS

Why it was relevant: Content that tells a captivating story will engage customers quickly because it matters to them. 

Why it will stay relevant:  Whether delivered through print or digital, social media or video, content shares a captivating story that engages customers quickly because it matters to them.  As a result, your brand establishes a deeper connection with your customers.  Relevant content will always be a must into 2013 and beyond. 


What do you think will be relevant to marketers in 2013?  Let us know in the Comments section.

by Jon Parise

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