In 2019, almost every brand, store and company has a customer loyalty program. If done correctly, these programs can increase and retain customers.

Sallie Burnett is a loyalty consultant, keynote speaker and Founder of Customer Insight Group. Forbes published her article, Seven Tips for Successful Customer Loyalty Programs in 2019, where outlines these seven key tips for increasing engagement and strengthening customer loyalty:

  • Use Gamification - Put a fun, social spin on a program to increase participant engagement

  • Offer Easy Ways To Earn And Redeem Points - Make sure programs are user friendly

  • Encourage Referrals - Source referrals to increase participation

  • Promote Across Channels - Use multiple forms of communication, including email, apps and mailing to keep participants informed

  • Create VIP Tiers - Use tiers to offer extra perks for the most active and valued participants

  • Get Social - Encourage use of social media accounts to further reward participants

  • Personalize the Program - Cater to participants personal interests to make them feel “special”

For more information on how to create a loyalty program that works, read the whole article here. Learn more about Sallie Burnett here.

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