The holidays are always a great time to give something back to your customers. Independence Day is just around the corner, so here are some ideas on how to engage your customers and encourage some summer time spend!

  1. Bonus points

Bonus point promotions are a great way to drive your customers to spend more and earn more points for rewards. Independence Day presents a great opportunity for brands to offer bonus point-earning opportunities for purchases made in-store or online over the holiday. It’s also a great time to give members occasional points to reward them for being a member of your loyalty program.

  1. Coupons and discounts

Customers love making savings on purchases! Offering member-only coupons and discounts as part of your Independence Day promotions allows you to further incentivize purchases and engagement. Make it convenient for your customers by allowing them to save money in-store and online over the holiday period. You can personalize these coupons and discounts based on customers’ shopping history, as well as offer creative ways to upsell customers to drive spending.

  1. Free shipping

When it comes to online shopping, some 42% of consumers favor free shipping when offered as part of a loyalty program perk, according to a global survey. The incentive of free shipping not only encourages sales, but it reduces shopping cart abandonment over the long term. What’s more, it’s one of the nice extras you can offer as part of your Independence Day promotions that customers will appreciate.

  1. Sweepstakes

This Independence Day consider offering loyalty members sweepstakes entries in exchange for points for a chance to win a prize. Most sweepstakes offer fun rewards, such a chance to win a trip, products, merchandise, or gift cards. The more substantial the prize, the greater the chances that consumers will redeem their points to enter. In addition, sweepstakes let members burn points in a loyalty program with little cost to your brand.

  1. Special events

Throwing a brand-sponsored special event to celebrate Independence Day can help keep members connected to your brand and give them reason to remain active. Inviting loyal customers to one-off special events can help the feel special and valued. 

  1. Surprise and delight

Customers love to receive surprises from their favorite brands. What better time to implement surprise and delight tactics than Independence Day. The appeal of a surprise reward compels customers to participate, driving in-store traffic and incremental sales. Offer free products, discounts or double points to wow your customers and keep them engaged in the program.

  1. Social sharing

Social media is a great tool to leverage as part of any loyalty strategy. To mark Independence Day, create a hashtag and encourage customers to share photos and comments across social media that describe what the holiday means to them. Make it even more appealing for customers to participate by offering incentives like bonus points for sharing their content!

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