4 Ways to Adapt to the Retailution

The Aimia Team , Aimia | June 15 2018

Retail is one of the industries most affected by the influx of technology, changing consumer behaviors, and enhanced customer expectations. Looking toward retail’s future, we compiled some key.

$150 Billion Reasons Why the Lottery Industry Is Going Digital

Brad Marg , Stellar Loyalty | June 15 2018

The retail, travel, and restaurant industries have been investing in digital technologies for the past decade. The engagement activities timing between a brand and its consumers have never been.

Boosting Customer Engagement Through Marketing and Promotions

Peter Lowell, Customer Success Manager , CashStar | June 14 2018

Today’s consumers prefer gift cards nearly 2:1 over other marketing incentives, so it’s no surprise that the highest performing gift card programs leverage gift cards to drive sales and.

Four Ways Customer Loyalty Programs Strengthen Bonds With Your Consumers

Jon Siegal , Stellar Loyalty | June 14 2018

Knowledge is power — and getting to know your customers will give you just that. It’s the most effective way to learn to communicate effectively with your audience and make them feel.

Investing in a Customer First Engine Room

The Aimia Team , Aimia | June 12 2018

Since the turn of the century, the age of information has seen masses of data dumped into disconnected silos across many retail organizations. Limited access, capability, focus and free time has.

Three Reasons Why I Stopped Eating at Your Restaurant

Stephen Stone , Paytronix | June 11 2018

Today’s customers can be your best friend or worst enemy. In an age where one shared bad experience can go viral and bring heaps of negative attention onto a brand, it’s important to.

Half of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards

Adam Craig , Deluxe | June 06 2018

Do your customers have a handle on their credit card rewards? Is it about miles? Points? Cash back? A mixture of all three? Do they know how, exactly, they’re earning the rewards and how to.

New Research Shows the Increased Urgency with which Businesses are Engaging with their Social.

The Xenial Team , Xenial | June 04 2018

If you’ve ever questioned the necessity of regularly engaging with your guests via online reviews and other social media, findings from a recent analysis should convince you that these reviews.

Importance of Data for True Customer Appreciation

Joe Doretti | Sales & Marketing , 89 Degrees | May 25 2018

Recently, a mail order company in a highly competitive online market asked us what kind of data or information is needed to support a loyalty program. Our answer was that program requirements today.