Is There an App for That? [PODCAST]

  • May 06 2013
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Judy Melanson, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Most travel and hospitality brands are laser-focused on engaging guests while they’re on-property.  And it makes sense, right? Guests are right there, in reach, interacting in-person with the brand and staff. But the customer’s...Read More

Let the Games Begin! [PODCAST]

  • March 01 2013
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Judy Melanson, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Shoveling snow, grocery shopping, folding laundry, some daily activities just don’t scream fun…but maybe they should.  We’ve all heard about gamification– using game design elements to drive desired behavior while...Read More

“Big Ideas” to Improve Customer Engagement in 2013

  • January 01 2013
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • By: Judy Melanson, Chadwick Martin Bailey

I love New Year’s Resolutions!  Every December, I enjoy reflecting on what I’ve learned in the last 12 months, and set goals to grow professionally and personally.  On my list again this year, is studying opportunities to...Read More

Do you care about your customers? Really care?

  • March 07 2012
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Judy Melanson

I started my career in sales.  In sales, you learn very quickly that it is much easier to sell to an existing – rather than a new - customer.  The fact that existing customers are valuable isn’t a difficult concept to grasp...Read More