[Loyalty Expo 2015] Deepening Customer Engagement throughout the Lifecycle with Personalized Video Experiences

  • May 04 2015
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • "| Member Exclusive"
  • Mutual of Enumclaw & SundaySky

The current state of the insurance market is characterized by eroding customer loyalty and ballooning marketing spend. This has led to increased pressure on insurers to innovate and transform their businesses, not only to retain policyholders but...Read More

Differentiated Customer Experiences That Combat Churn and Drive Loyalty

  • March 27 2014
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • "| Member Exclusive"
  • Jim Dicso, President & CRO, SundaySky & Bobby Greenberg, Loyalty Marketing, Comcast

There are many tactics for driving loyalty within a company’s existing customer base. Yet, the first impressions with a new customer allow for the most opportunity to set the relationship up for success. The first set of touch points...Read More

How to Use Smarter Video to Deliver a Differentiated Welcome Experience

  • November 15 2013
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Brian Piccolo, Liberty Mutual & Jim Dicso, SundaySky

The current state of the insurance market is characterized by increased commoditization, eroding customer loyalty, and ballooning marketing spend. This has heightened the competitive environment, putting increased pressure on leading insurers to...Read More

How to Use Contextualized Video Experiences to Foster Deeper Engagement & Loyalty

  • June 21 2013
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Jason Barbrow, VP, Customer Lifecycle Experience, Time Warner Cable & Jim Dicso, President & Chief Revenue Officer, SundaySky

Today, marketers are seeking innovation opportunities to engage customers in a deeper, more relevant manner at all touch points. Smart applications of video leverage profile, historical and situational data to speak to the consumer as an...Read More