What Can Loyalty360 Do to Help You in Your Loyalty/CX Journey? | Loyalty Live Throwback Thursday

  • October 22 2020
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • Loyalty360

  As the leading trade association dedicated to customer loyalty and engagement activities, Loyalty360 is always looking for ways to help its members refine their programs and activities. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, asked various...Read More

Loyalty360 Thought Leadership Series | Lukasz Sloniewski, Comarch

  • January 15 2020
  • Resource: Multimedia

Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson speaks with Comarch's Lukasz Sloniewski about technology and how Comarch drives unique experiences and engagement within the world of loyalty.    Read More

[Loyalty Expo 2015] Heathrow Rewards: Driving Retail Participation and Revenue in a Multi-vendor Environment

  • May 04 2015
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • "| Member Exclusive"
  • Heathrow & Comarch

London Heathrow is the world’s second-busiest international airport and Europe’s premier gateway to North America. It operates some of the world’s most valuable retail space, with over 150 commercial partners comprising outlets...Read More

[Expo Video] Internet of Things: Increasing Consumer Engagement in a Digitized World

  • December 12 2014
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • "| Member Exclusive"
  • Comarch

Join this session to learn about and discuss:- Available IoT tech (e.g., geofencing, micro-location, BLE, GPS, WiFi, etc.)- How IoT tech can impact CX:Getting noticed in a digitally crowded environmentIncreasing real-time customer engagement using...Read More

Creating a Global Loyalty Coalition Brand

  • March 26 2014
  • Resource: Multimedia
  • "| Member Exclusive"
  • Edmund D. Puckhaber, President, Thanks Again, LLC & Marcin Kosciak, Vice President, CRM and Loyalty, Comarch Inc.

Thanks Again is a global loyalty coalition brand centered around airports as a reward hub.  This unique program is managed on a secure, scalable card linked loyalty technology platform that is directly integrated with the ...Read More