Mobile Marketing Where it Is and Where its Going  QA with Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay

Q&A with Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay

Recording by Loyalty Mark Johnson, President & CEO, Loyalty 360

Loyalty 360 recently polled its members to determine whether mobile is part of their customer loyalty strategies. The survey found that:

  • 36% have used mobile as part of their loyalty strategy
  • 7% have not used mobile as part of their loyalty strategy
  • 57% plan to incorporate mobile into their loyalty strategy during 2010

While today’s on-the-go society is pushing mobile marketing further into the limelight, marketers need to make sure they have a clear understanding of all aspects of this still relatively new channel. To shed some well-needed light on the mobile marketing, Loyalty 360 recently sat down with Kevin Grieve, CEO of Mocapay, the provider of the only mobile experience platform that supports integrated mobile payments, marketing, and distribution at point-of-sale.

Loyalty 360: What are you finding in terms of click through rates of mobile messaging vs. that of email?

Loyalty 360: Mobile messaging is much more permission based than email marketing. What are you seeing in terms of customers’ willingness to receive mobile messages?

Loyalty 360: Do you see more brands having a stand-alone mobile strategy or are they integrating mobile in their overall social media strategy? How do you see this changing over the next few years?

Loyalty 360: A new report by Juniper Research  claims that momentum for mobile payments is growing and could make that market worth as much as $630 billion in five years? What’s your take on that?

Loyalty 360: What do you see on the horizon? What mobile trends should marketers be exploring?

About Mocapay

Mocapay is a mobile experience platform for innovative merchants that offers an integrated marketing and sales solution to enhance the lifetime value of a customer. The platform addresses these merchants’  need for a new channel that will broaden their gift and loyalty programs by mobilizing sales and marketing to reach customers anytime, not just at the point of sale, encourage purchases and build a stronger brand affinity. Based in Denver, Mocapay is a privately held, venture funded company founded in 2006. For more information, visit

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