5 Tips for Improving Loyalty

  • January 26 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Stellar Team

A well-­‐designed, innovative loyalty program can help you surprise and delight your customers with engaging and rewarding experiences. Technology is fast changing customer expectations, so it’s vital to refresh and reimagine the...Read More

The Expert Guide To Mobile Loyalty Sign-Up & Engagement

  • January 23 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The CodeBroker Team

Three common themes consistently rise to the top when CodeBroker speaks with loyalty marketing professionals: 1. Engagement – How do we get our loyalty program members more engaged? 2. Millennials – What can we do to aIract and...Read More

A Prescription for CX Success: Improving the Customer Experience in the Ever-Changing Health Insurance Industry

  • January 15 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Just the thought of having to deal with health insurance and its increasing complexity, confusing jargon and extravagant costs is enough to, well, make a person feel sick. The health care industry, it seems, is in a constant state of evolution...Read More

Executive Perspectives: Sophistication

  • January 02 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

We use the word sophistication in everyday conversation in different ways. One could talk about the sophistication of the wealthy, or how a neighborhood over time changed from simplicity to sophistication. The thesaurus lists the following...Read More

Humana Case Study: A Loyalty Program for Insuring Healthier Customers

  • January 01 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Healthcare insurance and the costs of healthcare continue to dominate the headlines. All stakeholders in the healthcare system appear determined to stem the rising tide of healthcare costs in the US, especially employers. The Centers for Disease...Read More

A Case for Individualized Incentives: How Regal Cinemas Achieved Competitive Differentiation in a Highly Disrupted Industry

  • December 15 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Technology is transforming nearly every industry to varying degrees, but the entertainment space has undoubtedly shifted in very dramatic ways. As the digital innovation trail blazes its way across the Internet and into consumers’ homes via...Read More

Comarch Loyalty Management: Implementation at Hudson's Bay Company

  • December 14 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Comarch Team

Hudson’s Bay, unknown to Dutch customers, was seeking a tool to acquire a large number of clients and reach out to them using highly personalized communications and services. In order to do so, the company wanted to collect data on customers...Read More

Executive Perspectives: Employee Engagement & Customer Loyalty

  • December 02 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

Overall, marketers believe a vital connection exists between customer loyalty and employee loyalty (employee engagement). Years ago, a CEO of Campbell’s Soup once said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace...Read More

Taking the First Steps in Understanding and Motivating Existing Customers

  • December 01 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Goodwill Industries of Denver is one of many Goodwills throughout the country. Each one operates independently and addresses unique challenges – the Goodwill model is to serve the unique needs of their local communities. For example, Denver...Read More

From Data to Action: Profiling the Modern Insights Team

  • November 20 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Medallia CX Strategy Research Group

To win in today’s increasingly customer-driven world, companies must understand their customers’ needs and satisfy those needs better than any of their competitors. Data about customers can provide valuable insights, but to see results...Read More

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