Incentivized Engagement Report: How Brands Can Leverage Incentives to Motivate Behavior Across the Customer Journey

  • February 27 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Prizelogic Team

For brand marketers, the term “incentives” might bring to mind discounts or coupons. However, price markdowns on products or services are not the only way to encourage consumers to complete purchases. In fact, discounts are the tip of...Read More

Humanizing Loyalty: A Road Map to Establishing Genuine Emotional Loyalty at Scale

  • February 25 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The ICF Next Team

You’re never too big to establish a more human side to your loyalty efforts.On the following pages, we’ll define what humanizing loyalty means and why it’s more critical than ever to creating an unbreakable bond with your...Read More

Loyalty360 Executive Perspective: The Brand Guide to Tackling the Challenge of Data and Analytics

  • February 21 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360 & Aimia

Successful brands use data to direct business strategy, optimize customer journeys and craft relevant content. Join Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360, and Sara Galloway, Director of Strategy, Aimia, as they dive into the challenges and...Read More

20 Marketing Strategies to Challenge Amazon

  • February 19 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The CrowdTwist Team

Despite consumer spending reaching its highest in eight years, 2017 saw major changes in the retail space. 50 US retailers filed for bankruptcy, and some brick and mortar stores scaled back and closed locations.Where did consumers spend their...Read More

[Infographic] The State of Best-in-Class Customer Experience: Top Imperatives for Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

  • February 12 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

Marketers today have a great vision around their goals, but many lack the ability to achieve them. There are key challenges that lie around customer trust and data privacy, internal knowledge gaps, rapidly changing technologies, and (not-so...Read More

Industry Experts Share Their Predictions for Customer Loyalty

  • February 07 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Oracle Team

Last year saw a number of retailers rebuilding their loyalty programs from the ground up with the introduction of the Nordy Club from Nordstrom and the relaunch of Macy’s Star Rewards program, for example. While established players, such as...Read More

Giving Customers What They Want: Personalized and Predictive Brand Experiences

  • January 22 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The CrowdTwist Team

According to Forrester, the consumer landscape has changed. Consumers are more empowered than ever, have more choices available to them, and have greater expectations from the brands they purchase from and engage with.The recent State of the...Read More

The Future of Consumer Loyalty

  • January 14 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Lenati Team

Empowered by technology, the demands of the 21st century consumer have drastically changed. The modern consumer expects brands to provide tailored products and services—how they want it, when and where they want it—and they are willing...Read More

The Human Brand: A Better Way to Measure & Improve Customer Experience

  • January 10 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Fidelum Partners Team

Strong customer loyalty should be the intended outcome of any customer experience. Customer loyalty is reflected by a voluntary willingness to repurchase or recommend a particular person, company or brand. Customer loyalty is essential because it...Read More

Measurement: A Banking Industry Perspective

  • January 09 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

Measurement is a necessity in every industry, and the banking industry is no different. In fact, measurement might be even more important for financial institutions because they have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize stakeholder and...Read More

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