The End of the Unsubscribe: How Leading Subscription Services Use Digital Engagement to Keep Their Customers Happy and Renewing

  • July 31 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Lenati Team

Consumer subscription services are big business. Whether a curated service, a monthly replenishment or a premium access model, consumers are more willing than ever to pay a monthly fee for convenience and personalized experience. Subscription...Read More

The New Era of Customer Loyalty: A guide to growing more profitable customer relationships

  • July 29 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The HTK Limited Team

Adapting to the new era A few years ago, many brands with loyalty programs were living in denial.  With plenty of members signed up to their schemes, they believed that they had loyalty locked in — not realizing that many of those...Read More

A New Kind of Loyalty: How to Build Emotional Loyalty and Drive Revenue Growth

  • July 24 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Cheetah Digital Team

For more than 300 years, shop owners and marketers have been experimenting with methods to drive customer loyalty. From redeeming tokens and stamps to collecting box tops and punch cards, loyalty programs were (and still can be) a way to move...Read More

Marketer’s Guide to CCPA

  • July 22 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Prizelogic Team

The 6 Things Every Marketer Should Know What Is CCPA? The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a California state law that: • Gives California residents new rights regarding their personal information • Imposes various data...Read More

Generation Z: 6 Ways to Capture Their Attention and Loyalty

  • July 19 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The HelloWorld Team

Not All Generations Are Created Equal. Understanding what makes Gen Z different can help marketers reach this emerging audience as the group enters adulthood and grows its influence and purchase power. Gen Z holds $44B+ in annual purchasing...Read More

D2C Beauty Trends: Relevance, Authenticity, and the Path to Brand Loyalty

  • July 17 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Yotpo Team

Beauty is ready for a makeover.  The sector, a hotbed for invention and reinvention, is evolving with the rise of game-changing brands - many selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) via eCommerce. The following report explores the brand values and...Read More

2019 Premium Loyalty Study: Will Your Customers Pay For A Loyalty Program?

  • July 10 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Clarus Commerce Team

Will people pay for loyalty programs? What benefits will motivate customers to sign up? If you're a retailer, you're probably wondering. And this new data study answers those questions and more. It's the first of its kind dedicated...Read More

Data and Analytics: A Sports and Entertainment Industry Perspective

  • July 10 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

Every consumer-centric loyalty provider knows that collecting data, analyzing it, and creating insights from it are extremely difficult challenges. Brands not only have to adhere to increasingly stricter regulations and handle massive amounts of...Read More

Emotional Loyalty in 2019: The Psychology Behind Consumer Behavior

  • July 01 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Annex Cloud Team

Creating an emotional bond between your brand and your customer is not an easy task in 2019.  It means brands need to understand and relate to customers on a deeper level.  It requires business to empathize with consumers and to truly...Read More

The good, the bad, and the ugly: 2019 global customer service insights

  • June 28 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Pega Team

Bad service. We all know what it feels like. The kind that leaves you waiting endlessly on hold, wondering if your call really is important. The kind that makes you groan in frustration at annoying emails and clueless chat conversations. The kind...Read More

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