Metrics That Matter: Smartvideo Benchmarks for Insurance Leaders

  • December 10 2014
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • SundaySky

This SmartVideo Index: In Brief focuses on the SmartVideo engagement METRICS THAT MATTER for customer experience and marketing leaders in the insurance industry. Benchmarking the right metrics allows insurers to measure the video performance and...Read More

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Re-calibrates to Reward Guest Frequency

  • December 04 2014
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Paytronix

The Bravo Brio Restaurant Group (BBRG) first launched its surprise and delight rewards program in September 2012. The company had set a goal of generating a certain number of incremental visits per guest with the rewards program. When they did not...Read More

25 Loyalty and Engagement Stats You Need to Know

  • November 20 2014
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • CrowdTwist

Establishing connections with customers is essential to build loyalty. To do that successfully, brands must understand their target audience and their motivations for joining a program. Building loyalty requires that brands deliver more...Read More

Inflection Points: Seizing the Moment in Customer Loyalty

  • July 25 2014
  • Resource: Research And Reports

The term “inflection point” has multiple definitions. In differential calculus, an inflection point is a point on a curve at which the concavity changes from positive curvature to negative curvature, or vice versa. In political science...Read More

The New Golden Guidelines for Actionable Social Engagement

  • November 11 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Provenir

The new rules of the road for systematic listening and response on today’s social networks.A New Kind of Customer and the New OpportunitySocial networks have changed the way we market. But to be sure, the real change is yet to come. Today...Read More

From Growing Pears to Growing Connections: Three Keys to Cultivating Customer Relationships at Harry & David

  • November 08 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • SAS

When you visit the Harry & David website, you immediately notice three things.One: You’re suddenly hungry for rosy-golden pears, chocolate truffles and Moose Munch®, the gourmet flavored popcorn that goes where Cracker Jack never...Read More

The First Impressions Email Marketing Study

  • September 20 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Ciceron

You have only seven seconds to make a first impression. This is why we try to look our best when meeting someone new, or why brands create amazing customer experiences. So why should your email marketing program be treated any different? The...Read More

The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report

  • September 16 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Maritz Loyalty Marketing

The US is a highly developed loyalty market – considering the average number of programs per member, the percentage of consumers who participatein programs, and the number of programs operating in this market. In the US market, not...Read More

Realizing the BIG Value of "Small Data" Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Enterprise Preference Management

  • September 16 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • PossibleNOW

In a world abuzz about “Big Data,” there is a rapidly growing awareness of a major gap in strategic roadmaps: collecting and maintaining “Small Data.” As the industry struggles to define Big Data, let alone determine how...Read More

Card Power: The Core of a Successful Loyalty Program

  • September 11 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Jet

  The question facing most brands is: How do You Increase the Spend and Frequency from your Consumers? The purpose of our research was to uncover data and best practices around the use of cards within a loyalty program. We found...Read More

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