Vail Resorts Creates Epic Experiences with Customer Intelligence

A recent Forrester's Marketing Leadership Forum featured a discussion between Vail Resorts and WIREDon how innovations on RFID, social networking, campaign management and analytics have empowered fanatical brand ambassadors in Vail Resort customers while shifting the notion of what targeted marketing is all about.

In this conclusions paper, you’ll discover how Vail Resorts is transforming the customer experience through innovative personalized marketing – including how the resort identified a missing link between its guests and social media – and created a social network for skiers that garnered over 2 million social posts in just one year.

Learn about Vail Resorts’ marketing actions that have led to its success, including why an organization wanting to create its own superfans should:

·       Segment one marketing campaign into 30-50 unique versions.

·       Identify what motivates customers to use its product.

·       Use social media to create brand ambassadors.

·       Apply real-time capabilities to create better customer offers.

·       Increase customer yield through engagement.

Featured contributors

Darren Jacoby - Director, Customer Relationship Marketing, Vail Resorts
Vail Resorts is the premier mountain resort company in the world and a leader in luxury, destination-based travel at iconic locations. Darren Jacoby and his team are responsible for Vail's customer analytics, loyalty, email and direct marketing. Prior to Vail Resorts, Jacoby was the Director of Marketing, CRM for Western Union where he led the development of Western Union's CRM roadmap and managed the Gold Card Rewards Program.

Spencer Reiss - Contributing Editor, WIRED
A former Newsweek correspondent in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, Spencer Reiss focuses on the global impact of innovation, ranging from telecommunications and new media to energy and the environment. His numerous WIRED bylines include cover stories on Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson, along with "Why $5 Gas is Good for America."