The Ultimate Digital Experience Strategy Playbook For Retailers
The Cheetah Digital Team | August 11, 2021

The retail purchasing path is anything but linear. Consumers browse in-store only to seek a cheaper price-point on their smartphone. They expect next day delivery and rewards for their loyalty that goes well beyond a freebie after 10 purchases. As the modern shopper has matured, the online experiences they receive can often feel stuck in an era of dial-up.

Throw-in COVID-19, coupled with years of digital advancements happening in mere months and it’s never been more vital that retailers have the right marketing technology to fill the gap between customer expectations and experience.

This white paper, put together in conjunction with PK Global will help retail marketers navigate the choppy seas of marketing strategy and marketing technology. With the right combination of complementary solutions, retail teams will be empowered to create nimble direct-to-consumer programs that build lasting relationships with consumers.

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