The State of Customer Experience Management: 2019 Insight Report
The Qualtrics Team | September 18, 2019

To understand the current state of customer experience (CX) management, the Qualtrics XM Institute surveyed 212 large companies with at least $500 million in annual revenues. Respondents not only answered questions about their organizations’ CX efforts, they also completed our CX Competency & Maturity Assessment, which evaluates the six experience management (XM) Competencies: Lead, Realize, Activate, Enlighten, Respond, and Disrupt.

Although CX correlates to loyalty, companies still deliver mediocre experiences to their customers. It’s no surprise, therefore, that companies intend to focus more on CX in the cominwg year than they did last year. They also expect to focus more on the other three core experiences: employee experience, brand experience, and product experience.

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