The State of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty: A Technology Perspective

The confusion and complexity that brands face today to create customer loyalty is among the biggest marketing challenges ever confronted throughout the industry’s long history. There is a growing realization and an explicit understanding of the value of a “loyal” customer.

But how is this actually achieved? With all of the opportunities presented by new technologies and innovative engagement channels, it should finally be within our grasp. But for some brands, it seems as if creating loyalty is as distant (if not more so) than ever. Today, driving customer loyalty and offering relevant customer experiences present a host of opportunities for brands able to thrive in such a fast-paced and sometimes confusing business environment.

This eBook is intended to offer a qualitative look into how many technology providers are helping brands understand and overcome the challenges they face. And rather than simply providing yet another data point in a market already saturated with studies and research, we want to transcend the limitations of prescriptive or quantitative surveys by actually opening a dialogue with those who stand on the front lines of this new paradigm.