The Premium Loyalty Starter Bundle
The Clarus Commerce Team | May 14, 2021

Download this resource bundle to get a comprehensive overview of Premium Loyalty in the retail industry, learn about its impact on today’s consumers, and figure out how to start evaluating your options for launching a premium loyalty program.
  • The Definitive Guide to Premium Loyalty eBook
This eBook is an all-inclusive overview of the essential elements of a successful premium loyalty program. From the question “what is a premium loyalty?” down to the KPIs you should measure and optimize towards, you’ll find it all in this comprehensive guide.
  • Premium Loyalty: Answers to the Questions You Should Be Asking eBook
Retailers need answers to a variety of questions before they decide to move forward with launching a new Premium Loyalty program. In this eBook, you’ll get the answers to the most important questions we hear from retailers on a regular basis and some you may have already been asking yourself.
  • 2020 Premium Loyalty Data Study: What Do Your Customers Expect?
67% of customers aren’t satisfied with traditional loyalty programs. Over 2,500 consumers told us what they’re expecting from your loyalty program. Get the latest consumer insights in this data study.
  • BONUS! 5 Loyalty Lessons from Amazon Prime Webinar
You might not be Amazon, but Prime is a loyalty program that all retailers can learn from. While your customers’ needs may be different from Amazon’s, its customer-centric, forward-thinking strategy is something top retail brands are leveraging when creating their own successful loyalty programs.

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