The New EventDriven Marketing

Marketing is certainly an industry going through significant change. In the span of a few short years, we’ve moved from the ubiquitous mailer and the ‘email blast approach’ to a far more fine-tuned, directed and nuanced approach to reaching our customers. Rather than wait for the consumer to signal his or her interest, we watch our patterns of interaction, seeking the moment to respond in the most relevant way to achieve the best result for everyone.

Imagine that your customer Susan is on your website and looks at two products, adding them to her cart. But before she checks out, Susan exits and abandons her shopping basket. This is an important event. Two days later, Susan is walking within one hundred feet of one of your stores. One of the items Susan abandoned is overstocked, and you’d like to offer a ten percent discount on that item and entice her to enter your store. The offer is delivered to her phone; she enters, and purchases that item along with several things she noticed as she shopped.

That’s event-driven marketing – redefined.