The New Customer Experience (CX) Toolbox
The Lenati Team | July 10, 2015

6 Research Toolsets for Building a Better Customer Connection

Delivering a “good” customer experience (CX) that is beneficial to both the customer and the company behind the brand may be a CX team’s goal. But “good” is in the mind of the customer. To understand the above question takes a great deal of insight, and requires focus on both the personal and the contextual. To help answer this question, Lenati’s CX team works with an arsenal of research tools, which we divide into six tool sets based on their function, to generate insights about customers as they interact with brands in the real world.

Download this article to learn more about:

  • How to identify painpoints in a customer’s journey
  • The six toolsets in the CX toolbox
  • Data visualization of customer patterns in a physical environment

Lenati is a marketing and sales strategy consultancy that helps companies acquire, grow, and retain customers. Lenati helps clients build market leadership, whether through radical innovation or intelligent evolution. Lenati’s services span five primary areas of expertise, including, Go-To-Market Strategy, Customer Experience, Digital Customer Engagement, Customer Retention and Loyalty and Sales Performance.

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