The New 4Ps of Customer Engagement Marketing

With consumer confidence sinking to record lows and nearly every business rethinking its value proposition, there is no better time to develop and deploy a customer engagement strategy that will earn a sustainable competitive advantage. In this paper, Affinion Group will explore the concept of customer engagement and propose a framework for building an emotional bond through the New 4 P’s of Customer Engagement Marketing. The New 4 P’s build upon the traditional 4 P’ s of Marketing, also known as the Marketing Mix, which include Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The New 4 P’s are Perspective, Purpose, Proliferation, and Praise. These New 4 P’s are not considered replacements for the traditional 4 P’s; rather, they supplement them, adding an additional layer of motivation that accelerate and heighten customer engagement. This forward-thinking approach will help solidify the brand’s position in customers’ minds through an engagement strategy that ultimately meets or exceeds business objectives, such as increased revenue or profits.